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Vỏ Case Montech Fighter 500 Black

Thương hiệu: MONTECH   |   Tình trạng: Hết hàng
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Mô tả sản phẩm

Fighter 500 White


High Airflow

4 Rainbow Led Fans pre-installed

Full Tempered Glass Side Panel

Fighter 500 White

Montech "M" Structured Front Panel

Taking from our brand's first letter "M", the front panel provides an exquisite look. 

Fighter 500 White

High Airflow

Front panel mesh design along with top and bottom ventilation and rear exhaust, allowing great airflow.


Fighter 500 White

Pre-Installed 4 Rainbow Fans

Four pre-installed rainbow fans provide high airflow, also lighting up your system.

Fighter 500 White

Excellent Dust Resistance

The top magnetic dust filter makes it easier to remove and clean.

I/O Design

The I/O is at the top, does not have any connecting wires with the front panel thus can be easily removed and cleaned.

Fighter 500 White

Full Glass Side Panel

Allows gamers to showcase their PC build perfectly.

Fighter 500 White

Versatile Cooling Options

Fan Support
   Top 120mm*2
   Front 120mm*3
   Rear 120mm*1

Radiator Support
   Front 120/240mm
   Rear 120mm

Motherboard Support
   Micro - ATX

Fighter 500 White

Drive Bays
   3.5" HDD*2
   2.5" SSD*2




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