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Vỏ Case Montech Air X White

Thương hiệu: MONTECH   |   Tình trạng: Còn hàng
  • Thương hiệu: Montech
  • Tên sản phẩm: Air X White - RGB Fan
  • Kiểu case: Mid Tower.
  • Kích thước: 425*210*458mm (DWH).
  • Cửa sổ kính.
  • Hỗ trợ main: E-ATX / ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ITX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Clearance
  • VGA: 340mm
  • GPU: 163mm
  • Cổng I / O: USB2.0 * 1, USB3.0 * 2, Âm thanh * 1, mic * 1, Nút LED
  • Max GPU Length ≤ 310mm, Max CPU Height ≤ 165mm, Max PSU Length ≤ 160mm.
  • Fan Support
  • Front: 120mm*3/140mm*2/200*2
  • Rear: 120mm*1
  • Top: 120 / 140mm*2
  • Power Supply Support: Bottom mount, ATX
  • Miễn phí vận chuyển <5km
    Miễn phí vận chuyển <5km
  • 111% bồi hoàn nếu phát hiện hàng giả hoặc kém chất lượng
    111% bồi hoàn nếu phát hiện hàng giả hoặc kém chất lượng
  • Hỗ trợ trả góp
    Hỗ trợ trả góp
  • Thu cũ đổi mới
    Thu cũ đổi mới

Mô tả sản phẩm

AIR X White


Unique Diamonded Mesh

Fine metal mesh front 
Dustproof  fine Mesh dust screens 
Compact ATX
Double USB 3.0 + Single USB 2.0 
200mm ARGB Fans *2 + 120mm ARGB Fan*1+ Controller
All pre-installed fans have already connected with controller

AIR X White

Air Is Flowing !

The Montech AIR X ARGB Compact ATX PC Case from our best selling AIR 900 series. What stands out with the AIR X ARGB is it's large surface metallic Diamond Mesh front air intake mesh with two 200mm ARGB fans. Included is another 120mm ARGB fan for a total three fans and maximum air intake area for incredible cooling performance and the aesthetics to match.

200MM ARGB FAN - Set At 800 RPM , Reach Up To  89.7 CFM 
120MM ARGB FAN - Set At 1300 RPM, Reach Up To 41.5 CFM

AIR X White

Super High Airflow

AIR X ARGB's two large 200mm ARGB Fans and large area Diamond Mesh front and back 120mm ARGB output fans create maximum airflow for your PC.

AIR X White

Excellent Dust Resistance

Fine Mesh dust screens for the front Diamond Mesh, and magnetic top and bottom vent screens provide excellent dust resistance. The front panel does not have any connecting wires thus can be easily removed and cleaned.

AIR X White

Large Surface Metallic Diamond Mesh Front

Beautiful diamond shape creates unique visual and enhance airflow.

AIR X White


200mm ARGB Fans *2 + 120mm ARGB Fan*1+ Controller all pre-installed

The AIR X ARGB features a total of three ARGB fans that can be fully customized and controlled by ARGB compatible mainboards (5V 3pin). Compared to other cases which normally only packs a Molex based standard fans, the fans of AIR X ARGB come with 3-pin fan headers + ARGB connector ARGB.

AIR X White

AIR X vs Other Case Brand

AIR X -  3pin fan headers + ARGB connector ARGB. WIN!
Other cases - Molex based fan

AIR X White

Highly Functional Controller

The Controller comes with 3pin (ARGB)+4PIN (PWM), which can control all three included ARGB fans. Also it supports up to 6 fans in total.

AIR X White

Never Been Easier !

There are 6 lighting modes for the fans. Press the led button to switch every lighting mode.

All the ARGB fans have already connected to the controller, providing easy access and control of the three fans through the LED button. 
Also, the ARGB fans can be fully customized and controlled by ARGB compatible mainboards (5V 3pin).

Change lighting mode : Press Led button for 1s 

Motherboard control : Press Led button for 3s.
(After the motherboard's software detected the fans) 

Turn on / Turn off the light :  Press Led button for 6s


AIR X White

I/O Design

AIR X comes with USB3.0*2, USB2.0*1. The I/O is at the side, does not have any connecting wires with the front panel thus can be easily removed and cleaned.

AIR X White

Pull Out Glass

Unlike traditional glass side panels that need to drill holes into the four corners of the panel, the AIR X ARGB uses a pull out glass that eliminates the need for mounting holes. Without drilling holes and with a metallic frame for the glass panel, allow it to both maintain structural strength and improves safety for the AIR X ARGB's glass panel.
*Lay the case down, remove the screws, and then move the glass backwards to reduce the glass breakage rate.

AIR X White

Versatile Cooling Options

Fan Support
   Front 120mm*3/140mm*3/200mm*2
   Top 120mm*2/140mm*2
   Rear 120mm*1

Radiator Support
​   Top 120/240/140mm
   Front 120//240/360/140/280mm
   Rear 120mm

Motherboard Support
​   E-ATX(Maxium of 305mm*330mm motherboard)
​   ATX
   Micro - ATX

AIR X White

Hard Drive & SSD Support.
   3.5" HDD *2 or 2.5" SSD *2
   2.5" SSD*1

Pre- Installed Controller

All pre-installed fans have already connected with the controller.

AIR X White

SSD Support
   2.5" SSD*1

AIR X White

Hardware Support
   CPU Cooler~163mm 

AIR X White

7 PCIE Slots 

The rear PCIE slot implements a reusable design, which has been pre-screwed to make it easier to build.

AIR X White

Great Cable Management

Enough space behind motherboard plate with rubber grommets and Velcro cable ties achieve great cable management.


Thick And Solid Hardware

AIR X adopts 0.7mm thick hardware material, achieving the solid and durable case


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