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Vỏ Case Montech Air 100 LITE Black

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AIR 100 LITE Black

Air 100 LITE

Ultimate Cooling Performance
With Ultra Minimalist Design

Super Fine Mesh Face Plate

Enhanced Thermal Performance

Meets Simplistic Minimalist Design

Two High Quality System Fans Included

Side Swivel Tempered Glass Side Panel

Expansion Capable

Finally, a Micro-ATX with Great Cooling

The AIR 100 series is the first Micro-ATX case from Montech's acclaimed AIR Series PC cases. Its smaller footprint makes easy to carry and takes much less space.

Despite its smaller form factor the AIR 100 cuts no corners to achieve the best cooling capacity capable. Expandability and anti-dust features also adhere to Montech's AIR Series standard. Combining this all with a clean minimalist design, the AIR 100 provides PC users a smooth and classy but also high performance build experience.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Dust Resistant & Airflow Optimized Front Panel

The Super Fine Mesh Face Plate not only provides unobstructed cool airflow into the case, it also acts as an anti-dust cover. With its smart quick release design, removing the Super Fine Mesh for cleaning is simple and tool free.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Ultra-Minimalist Design

The cleverly designed top cover design and the Super Fine Mesh Face Plate molds into one unified clean minimalist style language.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Cool Your Build

The two pre-installed high quality system fans are located at the front and back of the system in push pull configuration for optimal cooling performance.

Note : "All the included fans are 3pin DC fan, not molex fan." 

AIR 100 LITE Black

More Convenient & More Safe

The unique Side Swivel Tempered Glass Side Panel design is not only easier for users to unmount, its zero drill-hole design drastically improves the panel's strength integrity and safety.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Enjoy building your PC

Although a class smaller in volume, nothing is sacrificed in terms of expandability. The AIR 100 ARGB supports GPU cards up to 330mm, 160mm PSUs and tower heatsinks up to 161mm. 280mm radiators can be mounted at the front, while at the top there's space for 240mm radiators. The AIR 100 Lite is expansion capable for years to come.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Smart Cable Management

With cable management in-mind, the AIR 100 ARGB has strategically pre-installed cable loops and Velcro straps. This makes building your system with good clean cable management a breeze.

AIR 100 LITE Black

Easy Accessible I/O Ports

Two high-speed USB 3.0, a USB 2.0 and the HD Audio ports are all located on the top of the case for easy accessibility

AIR 100 LITE Black

Drive Bays
   3.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD*2
   2.5" SSD*5


AIR 100 LITE Black

Versatile Cooling Options

Fan Support
   Top 120mm*2/140mm*2
   Front 120mm*3/140mm*2
   Inside 120mm*2
   Rear 120mm*1

Radiator Support
   Top 120/140/240mm
   Front 120/140/240/280mm
   Rear 120mm

Motherboard Support

Motherboard Size
   Micro - ATX

AIR 100 LITE Black

Total Dust Protection

The fine mesh front panel acts as an anti-dust cover, alone with top and bottom dust filters to prevent any dust infiltration.


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